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At Alara Health Store we pride ourselves with a careful selection of products we sell in our Bloomsbury store and online. We know the future is closer to Vegetarianism than anything else and we like to invest in that. A healthier, animal cruelty-free future sounds like a future we’d want to live in.

With a range of over 5000 products from various like minded suppliers, we have plenty of organic skincare products not tested on animals, organically grown food supplements (with super foods at the top of the list) and sports & nutrition products using organic ingredients and/or naturally grown plants. One of the highly appreciated products section is the organic groceries section.

alara health store

Alara health store

We consider ourselves a reliable and trustworthy resource for all the health conscious people who wish to take on / maintain a certain diet, respect their bodies and invest in their future. This is why we only select products that fit our vision and our standards.

For the past 17 years Alara Health Store has seen, worked with and spoken with quite a few Vegan and Vegetarian people. Most of them haven’t gave up on their healthy lifestyle and they’re still coming back to say hello, ask for nutritional advice or enjoy a cup of coffee and a hot meal.

Come and visit us in our store to learn more about how you can maintain your diet and why Vegetarianism is a growing trend among younger generations.

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